🎨 my office bookshelf tour | design & art books 🖼️


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From Japan, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe Set –

VHS Video Cover Art –

Directory of Illustrations 34 –

Directory of Illustrations 35 –

Dieter Rams: As Little Design As Possible –

Human Logo –

Abstract Logo –

Monogram Logo –

Nature Logo –

Less is More –

Iridescent –

Offscreen Set –

Five Thousand Ideas You Can Have Right Now – (No longer available, but originally sold on this site)

At-Edge Set –

The Objects That Power the Global Economy –

Harvard Business Review Emotional Intelligence Boxed Set –

Pretty Much Everything –



nobody – mitski
fresh air – zeeky beats
sorry – prod. riddiman
optimistic – eric godlow

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  1. I purely got into gmd classes after leaving my english major in the dust of first semester; then I realized this route could help me have an opinion (and even a leading hand) in designing book covers. I love when you talk about your work and design in general!

  2. "You know now that I think about it, my office should just start a booktube channel" 😂
    Great video, thank you for showing us some of those really cool books! I have nothing to do with design or any visual art, but I do enjoy looking at them.

  3. I'd love to hear about the book Happiness. Depression is really taking its toll and apart from seeing your success bloom and watching your lovely videos, I feel like I'm lost and sad all of the time.

  4. I've done a Graphic Design education that also included an 8-week internship but I wasn't too happy about it because it focused too much on digital stuff and I was craving the crafting and drawing part, the work by hand, so I figured I leave it at that. Some of those books look really cool tho and there is cool shit you can do in the graphic design industry. I like watching your work-related stuff. I'm really happy for you to be able to work in this industry 🙂

  5. love the mitski song u used! i just discovered her and have been listening to her everyday on my busride to school. so good!

  6. This video was incredibly relaxing to watch. You were right, I needed to see all those pretty pictures 😂

  7. I'm almost 30 and making a career change from engineering to science communication, so a.) to anyone in college worried about your major, you can always change your mind later and b.) this video was super helpful! I've been working more on the multimedia side and didn't realize until last summer that I love working with motion graphics, so I'm trying to learn more about graphic design. I really want like all of these books, but especially Iridescent.

  8. It was cool to see that Mark Fredrickson illustration flip by. Met him back in the day in… SOHO? Memory's shot. Anyway, these books were a reminder for me as it's been a least a couple of decades since I was in art/design/marketing. Thanx for the trip :^)

  9. Thanks for the recs! My bf is a graphic designer and he loves reading books about design. I saw a few he might like so thanks for saving me the trouble of breaking into his amazon account to spy on his wishlist hahaha!


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