Brand new Samsung UHD monitor – 2017 UH75 Feature Video


Samsung UHD Monitor

Experience stunningly realistic color detail as if you feel like you are really there.

This brand NEW Samsung UHD monitor UH75 delivers more vibrant colors and super-fast response time with 1ms.

Samsung UHD Monitor UH75 provides :

– Stunningly realistic UHD resolution (3840X2160)
– Richer, more vivid colors with Quantum dot technology in 1 billion colors
– Powerful multi-tasking function with PBP and PIP
– Fast and smooth gaming experience with 1ms Response Time

Amazing Detail. Incredible Color Expression

Learn more about Samsung UHD Monitor UH75 at


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  1. Really nice screen, loving the curve➙>>JustU.Faith/Samsung-24?倹 Not used for gaming, but ideal as 2nd monitor hooked up to work laptop 👌

  2. *Note – most Apple Macs will not outputs the resolution suggested here. So your buy a big monitor but never really getting the benefit. And dint think ResX will fix it, it won't. It's rubbish. To get the resolution suggested here, you'd need a new Mac. Just saying.

  3. Question,… I have to run this monitor in Native mode at 2560×1440 –> When I run it at 4k Everything gets small ( Not Monitor Fault ) – When i scale up to make the environment larger Windows flips out – My question is when running 2560×1440 do I still see youtube 4k videos at 4k?

  4. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on one of these. I wanted something with freesync and display port.

  5. good afternoon guys from samsung this brazilian youtuber gamer does not have a 4k monitor so you can send one to him, there's the video link he says it

  6. Wow, that monitor looks so nice on my monitor. I love how they enable UHD on my 1080p monitor –

  7. Helo SAMSUNG.

    I heave some interesting thing to tell you about the display tehnology so here is what i want to tell you:

    In most of my time siting in front of the computer monitors is bad for my eyes and the reason for that in one of the cases is the monitors backlight wich is the main reason for displayng the correct image and making the colors acurate , what it that means?

    Whel the common reason for eyes fatigue is the blue color and flickering of the monitors, so the thing here is that this days every manufaturers are macking the monitors backlight from the blue led with yelow filter in it so it could produce white light, butthis is not the best way to make the pure white light.

    In your option you heave created QUANTUM DOT liquid so when they are hit by light sors they are getting bright and strong colors, in that idea you make the quantum dot film and added in the monitor to produce more light and to block the blue light from the backlight blue led, but i still can see the blue light penetrating the filter that you added to prevent the image distortion.

    No mater what i tried to change on the monitors settings i could not make the colors precise and acurate becoase that stupid BLUE LED. AAAAhhh i'm sorry becoase this tipe of review but if you are the manufacturer to make the change of the perfect color display of the monitors perspective then i beg you to make the pure WHITE LED and for the baclight uniformity make it to be DIRECT BACLIGHT WLED

    so it could heave more strong colors and contrast and that is one of the main thing to do, as for the second option is to replace the liquid cristals wit QUANTUM DOT liquid cristals to produce more wibrant and strong colors + the filter in the backround to increase the light from the background led to heave more bright picture overall.

    Now i will make some interesting set for the minitor specs of the panel types:

    – TN panel liquid cristals to be replaced with QUANTUM DOT cristal and to heave pure WHITE LED in the backlight sorce and QUANTUM DOT film and the backlight WLED to be direct so it could produce more strong colors and contrast, with this options we can see much better picture with vibrant and acurate colors iven on the TN panel with lowest input lag.

    – VA panel to heave pure WHITE LED in the direct backlight LED sorce and QUANTUM DOT film. The bigest problem with VA tipe of panel is the purple ghosting of moving images and this need to be fixed with the software.

    – IPS or PLS in your case also the light sorce to be the DIRECT WHITE LED with QUANTUM DOT film to produce the best picture quality with high contrast and bright image and colors, so this is going to be the best type of monitors panel from all the other types of panels ever made so far.

    From all that i heave been sayd i want you to know that if there is someone to make the PICTURE PERFECT display that is you SAMSUNG and i hope that you can sucseed in that to make the best products for every person out there as i am one of them to be your costomer from very long time becoase you heave quality products and costomor sopport and i thank you for that.

    I'm sorry if i create bad or wierd review but that is my thout for the future of monitor technology.


  8. TN panels have lower input lag for gaming, if you want to play your best you'll want the TN. Beside viewing angles don't really matter when you're sitting infront of the screen..

  9. fantastic commercial for underwhelming product. not accurate enough for colour critical productive work (IPS better for that) and not fast enough for entertainment (only 60hz).

  10. oled much better oled monitor much better than qled monitor!! Black level much better.


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