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I’ve been planning on redecorating my office for a little while so I thought I’d film the process and show you how I did it! It was so much fun and now I just want to start all over again on another room now!

I really hope you enjoy this video. I tried to mention where most things were from, but I’m going to be doing a proper tour of this room in the style of my bedroom tour. So I’ll try and mention as many places as I can in that or feel free to ask in the comments!

Kate x

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41 thoughts on “Decorate My Office With Me! | Kate Murnane

  1. One word for ur office "perfect!". I absolutelt luv it! Any advice for a tiny space in a bedroom as an office!

  2. maybe less talking n straight to the point of this video ..u will be a succesful youtuber with a milions subs..

  3. I really like that we see you added and moving around. I think I get frustrated because I want it perfect and it wont be so I just give up.

  4. I've watched so many home office tours, every one of them pink and white lol was there a memo or something? !

  5. Hello!!!! I would love to know where you got the pink lamp. I know a few people asked already but since I am a new subscriber I probably missed that information. Could someone tell me if they know where she bought it at 😂

  6. Too much rambling and talking! I never could see the before and after because I kept having to fast forward. I wish you could condense it a little. But, I guess I just need to find someone else. I loved the colors and decor of your office though.

  7. Its so amazing and i like you .. you’re cute…. the other thing is that you have a long introduction as watcher i think it would be perfect if it was less

  8. Hi all, I've just scanned thru the comments to see where the shelves and pin board are from. Other people have asked but there are no replies, if people take the time to watch and comment, time should be taken to reply. Does anyone else know please??? x

  9. wow! i love your room it is beautiful.i think you should make a diy video on how to make flower crowns

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