Finally A USB 3.1 Gen2 Drive! — WD My Passport SSD


We are finally seeing external drives take advantage of USB 3.1 gen2 Type-C interface 🙂 Here’s how a brand new WD My Passport SSD compares vs the highly praised Samsung T3 and PNY external SSD.

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WD My Passport SSD (3.1 gen2) –
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Review unit provided free of charge by Western Digiral. This video is sponsored by Cooler Master & AsRock. As per Hardware Canucks guidelines, no video direction was received from manufacturer. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. Thank you for this clear, concise video. Really has made me more confident in purchasing the WD SSD 1TB external drive.

  2. The port on the T3 is abysmal in terms of build quality. You can easily crush the inside by just inserting a cable. Doesn't feel and quite simply isn't fit for purpose. Amazed that this hasn't been mentioned much. I barely use mine for this reason.

  3. Sir can we install apps or computer softwares on external SSD like we do on internal ssd!
    Does it works the same way as internal ssd?

  4. Established historically that Life span of a spinning drive is at least ten times more than SSD and failures of spinning drives are not that often.

  5. I have two of the 4tb versions of these, one for my Xbox and PS4 and each run great! I’ve had them for over a year!

  6. Hi Guys, at about 8:02 you have a pc case on a desk. whats the make and model? it seems small enough to fit an ATX sized mobo. i'm trying to look for a case as small as possible that fits an ATX mobo. thanks.

  7. какое то разводилово на деньги от WD
    1Тб WD My Passport SSD стоит столько же как SAMSUNG SSD 970 PRO M.2 1Тб

  8. Please help me understand. If I have a hardware that support up to 10Gbit/s USB 3.1 Gen2, will this device provide me with that speed ?

  9. Hello, Sir! Thank you for the review. Will these speeds be around the same regardless if I am using a USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt? I have both on my laptop, but the port for the Thunderbolt / Type C is in an awkward spot, so when I use a mouse, the cable will get in the way. Thank you in advance!

  10. And what is the benefit? Only in some isolated case is the speed of 1GB / s. Most do not even reached the limit of USB 3.1 gen 1 which is ~600Mb/s.

  11. Honestly, for the significant cost difference, approx. 40 mb/s is not going to be noticeable to justify the huge cost.

  12. BTW these prices have come way down at Bestbuy. You are still better off getting the USB 3.0 versions and save so much more money for what you'll be using them for in the majority of cases.

  13. I have a Late 2014 27" iMac that only supports USB3.0 & TB2. I understand that USB3.0 only supports a maximum of 5Gpbs. While I do not have a USB-C support to maximise the 10Gbps speed, will a USB-C to Thunderbolt 2 adaptor enable the portable SSD to sustain 10Gbps? Thank you!

  14. What if you test "WD My passport" again, changing internal ssd of your computer to pcie nvme ssd? will wd sdd reach those 10 gigabit speeds? roughly saying 1gigabyte per second. Thanks for the video.

  15. How are you getting those speeds from the WD. I have the same drive and I transfer 40-50gb once a week in some cases and it takes forever. The drive heats up and gets really slow

  16. Hello there, I'm wondering why I have transfer speeds of 100-500KB when transfering tons of little files at once on my HDD. Will buying an external SSD solve this problem?

  17. iI can see buying a 256 GB version, because it is fast and drop resistant. I bought a 1 TB Toshiba USB 3.0 for $39, no external power supply. If you need a lot of storage with you all the time, the SSD is the way to go. If you just need convenience the $39 drive sure makes sense to me.

  18. I pay for youtube red for one reason, no commercials. When you put a commercial in your video then I will not watch another video from you again.


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