gintama° "銀魂" – Gintoki funny moments

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坂田 銀時 – 銀魂 面白いシーン
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this is a compilation of some Gintoki funny scenes.(just from the 4rd season )
…if you want to know the episode of a scene in the video just ask me in the comments^^

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37 thoughts on “gintama° "銀魂" – Gintoki funny moments

  1. わかるわかる怖いときなんかしゃべって恐怖感紛らわしたくなるよね!!わかるわかる!!

  2. 近藤さんの女体化まじで綺麗だよな

  3. WTF? What's with the radio exercise comment? Does Gintoki just regard the rest of the world as less important Kagura's? Dad-syndrome. Where you lose sight of all things but you're personal likes and you're children. 😂

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