GTA San Andreas Worst Crazy Cheat Codes


GTA SA Worst Cheats! Crazy, Cheat Codes. Funny Moments, Riot, Handling, Girlfriend, Barbara, Flying Boats, Crazy Town, Ninja Theme, Beach Party and more! Subscribe my channel for more videos! Thanks for watching and enjoy the show! Please, read the full description.

► Let me know in a comments what do you think about these specific cheat codes in GTA SA 😀
In this video you can find insane, worst and useless cheat codes for GTA San Andreas PC game!

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Cheat Codes used:

► Every single cheat code that I used is described right in the video on the top 🙂

NOTE: The main purpose of this video is to show worst, crazy and useless cheats codes made by developers in GTA SA and entertain and educate. The thumbnail shows the preview from cheats in this video.

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  1. Which cheat code is most useless or worst in GTA San Andreas? 😀😀 We have a Discord server for every type of gamers, friends 🙂 🔥 Join us: ► 🔥 Subscribe the channel for some next video and don't forget to turn on notifications by clicking on BELL button ! 🙂 As always, mates, enjoy the show! 🙂

  2. Hey Jizzy, while I am playing gta sa on android, I found a weird smoke like an invinsible plane. Its flying in just 1 place. I have screenshot it but I dont know what it is. Maybe a black dot but it have smoke.


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