How I got IMMORTAL spamming BEASTMASTER! Dota 2 Guide


This hero carried me in the grind to immortality.

Dominator – Boots – Necro – Blink or AC is my main build. Lots of talk about build adjustments and tons of gameplay tips.


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  1. Started playing Beast 2 days ago with a 70% win rate going from archon 5 to legend 4 in that times. Also been watching your Lycan guide and will start adding him to my pool. Tell me if this is weird but I play veno offlane also using the same play style, dominator + necro books and using veno wards for vision/pushing hard to force rotations, causing my carry to free farm. seems unorthodox to build that way but I’ve been destroying everyone in all the games I’ve played. Thanks you very much for your guides, they have been amazing and making Dota very enjoyable. I’ve also received endless commends and comments from other players. Cheers,
    Aidan 🙂

  2. I never played this hero before, never bought necronimicon before (3k, 2200 games), played him unranked just to see what he's like. HOLY FUCK, tier 2 in like 15mins. It's actually ridiculous. Felt so nice, attack animation so good in lane, much MUCH easier to micro boar than I thought- ez CS/deny and helps your 4 a lot in isolated exchanges with 5, and punishes bad positioning like nothing else with slow. Enemy can't gank you cos of hawk. DAMN son.
    Immediately looking for BM guides because I think this is my new Ranked bae.

  3. Love this guide Navetz, you're humble too. Unlike henry dota, i can barely watch 5 mins before I cant stand the boasting.

  4. Great vid. Why are you maxing your passive? Looks to scale double the amount from 10 to 20. After that your axes amp your dmg and your creeps dmg and it actually has way higher dps. You can sustain your mana with basi and clarities. Give it a try:) Im immortal eu.

  5. Have you tried the axes first and aghanims vs illusion heroes? I saw this build once in a pro game but haven't seen much of it. How does it feel and how would the playstyle change with this build?

  6. Remember kids. This only works when you have a team who doesnt suck. Climbing mmr is pure luck most of the time. You may win your offlane but the cores suck and ruin your mmr.

  7. I just started playing this hero and i occasionally get to a situation where I am six slotted (typically doomy, necro, vlads, boots, dagger, pipe/bkb) but i got lots of money left and i dont know how to spend it or what to change/swap my items to. Sometimes I want to have AC or abbysal but i dont have any slot. What should I do?

  8. This is an excellent guide. I digested it a few times and played a few games on my own. Some reflections:

    1. Is the win condition for BM to win the lane early on? I agree that the power spikes will help BM snowball. What if BM has a hardlane and fails reach items in time (and hence fails to spike at the right time)? What if BM gets the power spikes but later loses the lane? What is the comeback plan or is there none since the premise is to dominate the lane?

    2. Should BM not be picked against heros that can stand their ground against BM? Eg. Alchemist acid spray, BB quil spray, LC's overwhelming odds?

    3. How can BM be useful in late game where the dominated creep is no longer so powerful and enemies have BKB / Linken to block Roar?

    Thanks so much!

  9. is the aura really essential to max first?? i tried playing max summons , max wild axe,. my reason being that you can take 3 stack hard camp at level 4 with 2 clarities or less? i cycle the boars so that the expiring one will stack for me.,

    and when playing the map, its ridiculously easy to take farm from enemy camps, you can use double boar, axe from safe distance, and boar can finish the camps., especially now that wild axes are magical damage.,

    what do you think?

  10. Hi sir, what is your reasoning behind getting +30 dmg instead of +25 MS if this build in general is for situations like you need to play from a distance during teamfights(ex: You can't tank, there's another initiator better than BM)?

    A new offlaner subscriber

  11. You definitely forgot about counters like cm and clinkz. Clinkz is so annoying his q counters your boars and hotd so bad its a nightmare

  12. I seriously did not expect this, but I just followed your guide and won 10 games straight with beastmaster. Nobody in my Guardian-Crusader bracket knows how to handle this hero.
    Imma spam my way past Crusader real soon.

    Waiting for other hero guides too!

  13. Rapidly climbing with BM currently, i like to go the treads as well as the vlads though, my friend plays troll safelane and we rosh and finish sub 30 almost every game. Currently like 10-2 with this strat, do you think BM is gonna get nerfed at all? And do you rate the vlads? I'm like Legend I. Great guide, thanks man.

  14. This is like the perfect video, I just started playing beast master and you literally cover all the bases I was curious about, amazing content

  15. Hey Navetz, thank you for this great video! I‘m not sure whether you are up to answering to questions at all or not but I might try. I tried Beastmaster (though I suck at microing) but I had great success with what you say. However, I have found that I draw so much attention on the map that their entire team chases me and I keep dying. How do I avoid the part in which I die? 😀 It‘s great that I create so much space, but I would prefer not to die while doing so. Anyway, keep up the great work an thank you!

  16. Dope video! I had a question though — what would be your approach against Chen? I imagine it would be similar to fighting Enchantress?


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