How Is Your Gay Son? – The Office US


Orange ya glad you didn’t bring it up?

From Season 5, Episode 24 ‘Heavy Competition’ Dwight’s devotion to Michael is tested; Andy tries to fulfill Jim’s emotional needs.

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  1. When the first season aired the Micheal Scott character was actually designed to be disliked. Look at his clothes and hairstyle in S1 versus the following seasons. The Micheal character in the British version was a jerk but that didn't really crossover to the America audience. Also before S2 premiered Steve had a career defining performance in "40 Year Old Virgin" that made him very like able. So they changed the character because people thought originally he was too much of a jerk and too inept to even be a boss. So they kept most of the goofiness but made it so when it counts Michael is one of the best salesman they had.

  2. Michael might have a low IQ but he seems to understand people's emotions very well showing a high EQ many times on sale calls.

  3. "I'm going to steal all your clients, and I'm going to kill them in front of you"!

    Funniest Michael Scott line ever!

  4. The fact that michael needs a ton of options to understand the concept of "NO" is a very smart move of the writers showing his complexity. Michael can't keep things simple, he needs to over complicate everything. Everytime i rewatch The office i cant help to feel impressed with the level of detail in the writing

  5. Why do people just quote lines from the video and post them in the YouTube comments section? 🤔 We all just watched. We didn't already forget.


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