How to download GarageBand on iOS 12 (iPhone/iPad)


GarageBand not showing up in the App Store? Trying to download GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 or earlier? In this video, I show you how to download GarageBand iOS on your iPhone or iPad if you are running iOS 12 and unable to update to the latest version in iOS 13.

GarageBand updated to version 2.3.8 in October 2019, and the new version is only compatible with iOS 13. If you are running an iPhone or iPad that is one iOS 12 or earlier, you can still download GarageBand, but you can’t search and download straight from the App Store.

Here’s how to download GarageBand iOS on iOS 12:
1. If you have downloaded it before, go to the App Store and the “Today” tab, then go to your account and to “Purchased”. Find “GarageBand” in the list of app and download
2. If you have NOT downloaded it before, you need to either get someone who HAS downloaded it to sign in to your iPhone or iPad using their Apple ID and then download it to your device, OR you can log in to an iOS 13 compatible device using your Apple ID, download GarageBand there, then return to your iOS 12 device and you will be able to download the latest version (version 2.3.7) to your older device.

What iPhones and iPads are compatible with iOS 13?
1. iPhone 6S/SE or more recent
2. iPad Air 2 or more recent
3. iPad Mini 4 or more recent
4. Any iPad Pro

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  1. Now that you have GarageBand, learn all about how to use it –

  2. Hi Pete, great video. I have old genaration iPhone And iPad. I did this 2nd trick.Thanks to you i have previous version of GarageBand on my IPhone. Is it possible to transfer GB to my iPad?

  3. Yes, it worked. I have an iPad Air version 11.1 and I was able to retrieve it from my old purchases. As everyone has said before, you are a life saver! Thank you!!

  4. Arkadaş lar benim telefon iphone 6 olmuyo aynısını yaptım olmuyo adam önceden indirmiş ondan çıkıyor inmiyor

  5. My singer has an old iOS 12 cuz of there old iPhone, but I have latest. Are the compatible to share projects, songs n such for writing together?

  6. I keep trying to download it, and clicking “Download the last compatible version,” I click it, but garage band just won’t download, it will have the circle, and it will fill up, but it just turns black after. Anyone else have the same problem, or just me?


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