How To Setup WD My Passport


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  1. I waana ask u pls, i have taken WD MY PASSPORT FOR MAC,, i am using windows 10. I download hfs software to use my harddisk. Now im not able to do can u help me

  2. Ok, Robert here's what to do. Completely redo the video into an instructional step by step video. Once you're done then do a "Redirect video". That way you will not lose the link. Here is the link that will help you through the process. There is a lot of videos to choose from that will help you. Some of those videos may be out of date due to the recent update that YouTube went through. Good luck.

  3. Hey Robert, yeah practice and have confidence. Your tutorial made me think for myself but you put me in the right direction. If anything, I go for short tutorials, NO TALKING or music, and full screen with slow movement. It's been two years, so I'm sure you're much better. SUBSCRIBED

  4. maybe its best if you take down ur video. u got a lot dislikes and cant understand what ure saying. its more ummm & ahhh. you sound like Mr. Mackey from south park….. im just saying

  5. hey bro are you talking to the audience or murmuring to yourself? think you are more interested in the amazon commission you get it jerk!


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