I got way too drunk at my office party | I Eat, Therefore I Am – Episode 1


All it takes is a few shots of soju for her true feelings to come out…

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About ‘I Eat, Therefore I Am’
An indie love story about a girl who loves to eat and dreams about becoming a writer. Will she find the ‘Mr. Right’ for her appetite? (Aka ‘Delicious Life,’ or ‘Eating Existence’)

Ahn Young-mi 안영미
Noh Min-woo 노민우

Lee Cheol-ha

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I Eat, Therefore I Am 먹는 존재 | AsianCrush

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  1. Her eyes remind me of the boy I forgotet the name when she cuts her hair like boy she will look like him

  2. "Twenties must carry the weight of life. Thirties are held responsible for their actions? I know life isn't easy. But me holding back won't being world peace."
    Speaks so much.

  3. If producers tried to entitle a TV show by this name in the US the vast majority of us wouldn't get the elusion to the quote by Rene Descartes, "Edo ergo sum."


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