If you mention my name again on NET 2 TV again,I will sʊe you – Osofo Kyiri Abosom firɛs Dɛmon break


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  1. This stupid idiot Hoahi is not worth listening to and this old fool kyiriabosom is not a Prophet or a Priest. They are stomach Buble Thumoers.

  2. You all should look at hoahi's face whn the man said he will be sworn in as president of Ghana! He hoahi koraaa was shock to her that ! He didn't like the idea hahahahahaha

  3. So with all these lies spoken by this man, he is still looking for the presidency of Ghana. God will not let this happen at all. His low speak is a manifestation of no confidence in what he is saying. None of the so called names mentioned by the demon breaker will ever accept the allegations levied against them. God is watching us all and time will tell. Let us all be wise like a serpent and gentle like a dove.

  4. This 419….azan..kalabule…fake pastor is wasting time to sue.Go ahead and sue and stop that silly stupid comment on radio or tv.The court doors are not close.
    What are you waiting for….IDIOT?

  5. ok sue and a can of worms will be open, actually jail sentences so y'all keep granting interviews , is not a smart move , Honorable kennedy wont stop today or tomorrow . ghana needs peace

  6. Incoming President, please why do you sell oil for 200 cedis? Is Jesus Christ your relative?
    How much would the oil cost if you win the presidency?

  7. Am afraid if is true that this pastor is occult and wins election then Ghana will be taken into a satanic rule……….God save us🙏🙏🙏

  8. Hoahi woa gyimi paaa. You can not ask intelligent questions. Idiot you have already taken your stand. Foolish fool.

  9. Kindly take notice of Kyiriabosom words CAREFULLY and the tone he is speaking. His words betrays what he is saying. Kyiriabosom started saying did Demon Breaker said he is an occult. This proves the fact that this man is indeed an occult.

    All his Answers to the interviewiers Questions is out of context.

    He is indeed a false Pastor . This same Kyiriabosom , a small girl came to exposed all that he does and made him very sick. Their days are numbered .

  10. Demon breaker is breaking your legs ⚒? Is God dealing with you guys, The best is yet to come, May God Almighty help Ken get Ghana out of the hands of those fake money making Pastors, Ghanaians need to be free 🙏🏾

  11. WHY the so called PROPHET is using his Church as a MARKET Place for selling OILS etc. It's very SAD and SHAMEFUL.

  12. Your education level is below standard. How do u expect to interact with other political opponents and other nationalities. How can u cunningly take poor and valuable people' money to build a political carrier. U should be ashamed of yourself. God has revealed to u will be sworn in as a president. We live to see.


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