In My Office? (Thomas And Friends Parody 9) [2,500 Sub Special]

Công Nghệ

Well That Took, forever and ever to complete a parody. but I’ve Finally finished Thank GOD. I was originally going to do it on my 1,000 sub special. But i was too lazy. So here’s my masterpiece. maybe.

Written By
Big Phil Animations & Micklenden2

Directed by
Big Phil Animations & Micklenden2

Animated By
Big Phil Animations


Big Phil Animations Sir Tophem Hatt & Butler
Micklenden Lady Hatt, Thomas, & Narrator
Andy Bray Percy

Fat Controller song From My Soundcloud
I’m Fat Da Ba Dee



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31 thoughts on “In My Office? (Thomas And Friends Parody 9) [2,500 Sub Special]

  1. Big Phil animations, these Thomas and friends parodies are really hilarious! Hope you can make them better! Besides, I subscribed your channel already!

  2. 0:01 Excuse me sir you're wanted on the telephone can't you see I'm recording myself on the toilet having a big poo

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