Is My Net Worth 100Bgls+ ?! [OMG]│Growtopia


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  1. Linktrader : I’m Not Gonna Count It Because it’s like 10Dls Only no need
    Me: Counting My Dirt Blocks To See How many Hls I Have 😭

  2. LinkTrader: Umm ı need to count my dls ı have 100bgl+ me nob😥
    Me: counting death spike seed omg ı have 200spike seed and its worth 10wls yey me pro🤪

  3. Next time when u go to show battles take all that u got expensives the bgls,dls,ghcs and mags xD (so players give more reaction xd)

  4. you didnt count much worlds too u got many worlds that cost from 1dl too. xD and also the LinkTrader Blocks they kinda expensive xD

  5. Can you please buy me one raymans fist it’s my dream it would mean the world like I’d die if you’d give it donate it at world njtopia


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