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The Lenovo Yoga A940 All-In-One PC, unveiled at CES 2019, gives the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 a run for its money! With a $1,200 lower starting price – the A940 AIO is cheaper, offers an adjustable design, up to a 4K Touchscreen, i7 CPU, RX 560 GPU and full range of peripherals. The Yoga A940 will be available in March 2019 from $2,350!

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  1. in germany this thing is 3000€ vs studio 2 is 4000€, if you spend that much money then no doubt studio 2 is the better choice for long run however thunderbolt makes it kinda attractive…. still would rather go with surface I think

  2. i don't think so Lenov all products are ******* i have used it i i saw this video is sponsored lenova lost dude don't try

  3. This PC has features geared for graphics design and video editing. The touchscreen is great for sizing the screen to get into fine details. Why is performance being compared for gaming?

  4. Purchased this and returned couple days later.
    2 reasons:

    1- Display. It is “4K”, but IMO, a low quality 4K which doesn’t get too bright. In other words. The Microsoft Surface Studio and iMac displays completely obliterate this one.

    2- Speakers. Poor quality, barely any bass.

  5. Sorry its too ugly……………If its obvious you copying something why make it better. Design isnt everything but it already shares the look and design of the surface studio. Okay it has thunderbolt….

  6. Ugh…Windows AIOs are always compromising on one major thing. The issue with this computer is the crappy graphics card(not to mention the design is a bit lame). The Surface on the other hand is a work of art but MicroSoft gimped it with a 4 core i7 which is ridiculous for what you are paying. iMac is the most well rounded AIO for hardware though not touch screen. If the Surface Studio had 9th gen Intel chips it would be a beast. The base on this computer is a no sale for me with the crappy graphics card. Not to mention this looks like it's way behind aesthetics compared to even a much much older iMac and the iMac will actually have resale value down the road.

  7. A nice PC but if launched with upgradable graphics card etc. and in white color, would love to buy it!

  8. I d go with a Dell M15 or M17 (or a 17" 7730 workstation with a Xeon) laptop with an RTX 1060 and add a 24" Wacom Screen with a 8000 points sensivity pen! Same for the updated Microsoft Surface Studio. This all in one concept is outdated. Wacom has the perfect support for the screen.

  9. what I like is that if the computer crashes you can hook the monitor up to a new computer; unlike Surface studio. I love my surface book, but an most likely gonna go for this Lenovo over Studio.

  10. How does the screen look compared to the surface 2 screen? I hear the surface 2 screen is the best. I just ordered the 4700 surface 2 from bestbuy but this looks interesting.

  11. Hi,so,unlike the Microsoft surface studio you can upgrade the tech down the line??? Can you also upgrade the graphics card??? Thanks

  12. I wanted this machine until I had to deal with Lenovo's tech support and warranty on my Yoga 720. Currently on my third repair and it's only 8 months old.

  13. The screen should tilt way more. And the dial should be lower on the side for ergonomics. But otherwise a nice package especially considering the lower price. 👍

  14. I love this thing but it needs more powerful gear. Also quite concerned with the pen tech and possible parallax. How's performance with another monitor connected? I think they are just testing the waters with this like MS did with the Surface Studio.


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