LG just made the Best Monitor of 2019 – 27GL850 Review


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LG’s claim that their new UltraGear lineup of gaming monitors sport 1ms pixel response time is pretty alluring, especially since they already have high refresh rate (144Hz), Adaptive-Sync variable refresh rate, and Nano Cell accurate colors! Check it out here:

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  2. Corona jokes.. first things that comes to mind from corona are not the virus. It's much used word in astronomy and meteorology for example.

  3. Best Buy has a model 27GN850-b that I see on sale every so often. Does anyone know the difference? All the specs look the same except the base has red accents.

  4. Can you still obtain the full 1440p and 144hz via the HDMI inputs? Or must the Display Port be used instead. Gaming on Xbox one x which doesnt provide a DisplayPort out.

  5. So whats your honest opinion on this gaming monitor linus ?would you keep it to game or stick with asus? Which is better ? Hp omen x25 240hz or LG 27GN750b 240hz ?

  6. Hello I am or was and back to is building my first gaming system. I started back in Jan as of right now I have Ryzen 9 3900X, X570 Hero (wifi), ROG 1200w Thor PSU, and the ROG 360 RGB all in one water cooler. I was starting off slow getting great prices here and their where and when I could. The hardest so far being the PSU and I think I just got lucky on that. Their for about 2 weeks nobody had any, then one Amazon suddenly listed one and not that listed it for $250. brand new. Needless to stay I could not click fast enough to get it, got it, and since then I have not seen any. Antways covid happened and of course everything came to a complete stand still, plus at that time finding parts for my gaming system was the least of my concerns becuase I am heavly into the stock market..But now things are better and I am getting back into looking at parts again and one thing that is really striking me strange about monitors, GPUs, and G sync / Freesync..And this is where my question comes up because I am new..I thought Nvidia is suppossed to be the number one thing out their, then how come most all the monitors are all freesync? This is really messing me up here cause I plained on putting in a 2080ti, but even thats in question due to the fact that 3080ti is right around the corner. So I thought about buying a 5700xt that way I can basically have my run on the monitor thing and get me by till the 3080ti comes out, but then I have to drop a bundle on new monitors..Then it brings me back to the whole point of why is Nvidia is is number one out their but hardly any of the monitor companys have Gsync and what monitor companys due have G sync their prices are sky high..This really sux..I never knew all this till I decided to build my own..And here in lays the problem of the most expensive part of the whole build the monitors and GPU..I dont get that N vidiia cards are in so many peoples systems but most of all the monitors are freesync..Also I am wanting to do the 3 monitor deal..So if anyone has any realistic ideas I am all ears..I dont have any friends who are gamers I can ask so any info would help..I have been thinking also doing the ROG 2060 and 3 27inch LG ultra gear ips G sync, then when the 3080ti comes out and if I am able to get my hands on one try that route, that way I got the monitors are done..

  7. What do you guys think about lcd? The backlight is kinda an off for me, i mean yo i want the black actually black and shit

  8. Lies! xD, the 1ms response time doesn't work it creates these crazy ghosting effects in game that make you feel sick. I think LG knows their monitor doesn't work as advertised because it comes factory set with the lower response time turned on, you have to manually change it to fastest (1ms) The HDR is very very lame. And the "IPS Glow" is crazy in the bottom left corner. Other than that I love the stand it's so much better than the acer Nitro I tried first.
    I hope I can find a proper replacement.

  9. please any one help me
    i have LG Ultragear 32" G-Sync Inbuilt QHD (2K) Gaming Monitor with 144 Hz (Overclock 165Hz) Sphere Lighting, Height Adjust Swivel & Pivot Stand – 32GK850G
    how to work G-Sync setting and Overclock how to ON please help me

  10. Been waiting for a no compromises monitor like this. Seems like there are a few things that need ironed out before I drop the cash though. Maybe they'll sort it out in the next iteration. I have the Dell S2716DG which is 1440p, 144hz, 1ms, with a G-Sync module. It's really great but doesn't have HDR and is just a TN panel.

  11. Everything Linus test is the "best thing"..
    This monitor is utter garbage. Worst contrast ratio, worse than TN panels even. Really poor color calibration out of the box. And then the pure lie of 1 ms response time. Which is unusable it's 4ms in the usable stage which is good, but no where near 1ms.

  12. For COD players like myself, stay the hell away from LG panels. If you wanna play racing games or watch movies by all means get one


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