Meteor 60 Seconds!! – All Endings


This is Meteor 60 Seconds!! I spent a good bit of time in the game and decided to do a compilation of all endings after a complete playthrough. Enjoy!

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  1. This is a free game on Steam! Get it today:

    What should I play next?

  2. They should add an option where he blast the planet then escape using that rocket I already tried that but I only got the same ending which is co op murder

  3. The levels
    Trashy murder
    Happy 60 seconds
    Meter explosion
    Escape solo
    Coming out
    Am i missing any please comment what if i am

  4. That girl is obnoxious as hell. Best believe if I raise a dog army, raid Area 51 and fly to space in 1 minute, I'll be treated like a god.

  5. i completed every single ending myself except this one cuz i missed some scientists.
    no need youtube's help until the "trashy murderer" ending.


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