My NEW Custom DJ Booth Setup for 2020 | @RaneDJ 12 + @Pioneer DJ S9

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DJ Gear: A in depth look at my custom build DJ table and road case for 2020!

February 1st, 2020 – Custom DJ Booth Setup
#MobileDJ #CustomDJBooth #Rane12

Everything in the booth
Pioneer s9
Rane 12
Furman Power Strip
Amazon Powered USB Hub
Hosa xlr cables
A Lot of Damn Wood

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If you are serious about buying gear ($$$$) and want the best deal email my guys below asking for a quote. Tell them I sent you.
Please don’t waste there time if you are not serious about buying!

-ADJ Inno Spot Pro
-ADJ Mega Hex Par
-ADJ Element Hex
-ADJ Pinspots
-Chauvet Wash FX 2
-ADJ Haze Generator

-Chauvet Xpress 512
-Donner Wireless DMX

DJ Tools
-Anti Fatigue Foot mats
-ADJ Pro Event Table II
-Vmoda Crossfade Headphones
-Fold up Laptop Stand
-Rock and Roller Cart
-Cable Bag
-Gaffers Tape
-DJ Ear Plugs
-Sound meter

-JBL VRX 918sp
-JBL SRX 815
-JBL PRX 712
-Avante A15
-LD System Maui 5 Go

Mixers (Have + Recommend)
-DBX DriveRack PA 2
-Pioneer DDJ SZ (Serato)
-Pioneer DDJ SX3 (Serato)
-Pioneer DDJ SB3 (Serato)
-Yamaha 12 channel Mixer
-Yamaha 6 channel Mixer

-Pipe and Drape
-Rockville Collapsible Totems
-Global Truss
-Global Truss Base Plate
-Global Truss Top Plates
-4′ by 4′ Stage Risers made by ProXdirect
-Metal O-clamps
-Safety Cables

-Odyssey LT-P2 Tbars
-OneStage Stands
-Speaker Stand Scrims

-Audio Technica 3000 4th Gen Wireless
-GTD Audio G-733 Wireless Mics
-Audio-Technica ATR-1300 Mic

-XLRs (Hosa)
-DMX (Hosa)
-Power (Hosa)
-Power (12 gauge Light up ends)
-Multi outlet cable (Hosa)


For Business & Booking Inquiries Contact to me at



Fusion Sound and Lighting



-(Main) Cannon G7x Mark ii
-Cannon G7x
-GoPro Hero Plus
-DJI Phantom 3
-Joby GorillaPod
-Seagate 2tb Hardrive
-Samsung T3 hardrive


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48 thoughts on “My NEW Custom DJ Booth Setup for 2020 | @RaneDJ 12 + @Pioneer DJ S9

  1. Everything in the booth

    Pioneer s9

    Rane 12

    Furman Power Strip

    Amazon Powered USB Hub

    Hosa xlr cables

    A Lot of Damn Wood

  2. Super neat build!!! Please advise how are you handling the bass feedback into the turntables? Have you tried playing vinyl records on it? Im having a big issue playing vinyl form my personal build and it causes huge feedback, sometimes having a needle skip. Thank you

  3. I'd include some spring clips to the lid, it will still be easy to remove but won't pop off when you lift the flight case off it. Really nice clean design that's just been stolen! Cheers! Maybe get the crowd facing vertical panel cnc'd with your DJ name, maybe get a white frosted insert cnc'd to match, backlight it, would look sick!

  4. Its dope! But when i saw the way the travel case, came to me y dont you make that travel case ur booth! Customize the top to fit exactly how the booth fits the entire equipment and cover it up

  5. Hey bro I’m watching this an I could tell you fit in just as me yoo I’m doing carpentry an I’m doing my dj mix cause I’m in the deejay as well an I’m going get me on just like that I’m gonna have to make my own table too

  6. I like that dj set up but kinda big to transport in my car starting out nice job well thought out for the subs and storage under neath the set up over a 5star set up great job man

  7. Love the booth. I have been updating everything and so excited for the new round of things this year including booth ideas. Curious for a dj like myself who has a larger car vs suv and trailer would this booth concept be plausible with legs able to disconnect for loading vs building as a solid item? Stability as main idea in mind with legs that can come off in assembly

  8. Foam ???? Or any protection it doesn’t keep everything properly so he doesn’t look too good

  9. i love your enthusiasm for your own design, awesome work on that. But is just looks way to heavy and bulky to transport. You should really consider making the legs collapsible

  10. hey brother when your performing at your gigs do you bring your own hot spot device for internet access to go thru your songs in your playlists?

  11. Dude, its SICK!!!!! Great Job!!!! I build all my stuff myself also, i cant stand giving people all my hard earned money!!!!!

  12. Epic fail on the cup holder. Why the hell would you want any liquid sitting right next to your equipment Smfh.

  13. Damn wish you were my neighbor I have you build me one Nice Job Cant wait to see what equipment your driving that with

  14. Yeah…..No. Love the look but very limited applications. Maybe you can custom build some for other Dj's and make some extra cash. Seems like a lot of people like it. You definitely have skills bro.

  15. If you had this out of aluminum it would be really light but it would cost and you need to make the top on a machine to cut it out The legs would be also aluminum and hollow to hide the wires It could be built

  16. Looks great Dj Webb. I would have built the legs to be removable, so it's like a flightcase with a top cover. Great work, keep on rocking it!!😁

  17. I have the same style setup with my hoerboard rig, takes two people to lift off the case top ! very bulky but very quick to setup.

  18. holly crap that is bad a$$$ wow and your equipment talk about top of the line. you have come a long way since the early videos. i remember one of you first club gigs when you were up stairs and the school tent prom video. congrats that is a beautiful booth you have created very impressed, keep on growing. proud to see you doing what you love and having success with it all. life don't get any better that this – keep grinding

  19. Nice set up….real clean look…I love how you max- out storage space to transport stuff under the stand ..real dope idea.

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