My New Weeaboo-type Room Setup 2020


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∥ Music used:

shoutout kotxri shoutout utxha shoutout gtbsg drain gang
shoutout suwupreme shoutout roland shoutout oxygen gang
probably gonna get a bigger figurine to replace eriri in da pc

PC Specs:
RTX 2080, i7-8700k 4.7Ghz, 32GB RAM, Noctua NH-D15
Eriri Spencer Sawamura chilling in Fractal Design S2 TG Case

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My videos are supposed to be taken as for entertaining purpose. Don’t take everything I said in the video seriously and sorry if I offended anyone in this video.

∥ Thanks for watching (・∀・ ) Miraie #Weeb Anime #Setup 2020


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