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Thank you to Capsule Home for the perfect modern furniture to complete our new office! Check out the furniture pieces here: and let me know in the comments below what you guys want to see on the channel since we have a new amazing space to make videos! See the detail images of the new space on the blog:
Big thank you to my amazing interior designer Erik for helping me turn the space into my dream office:


I Bought a House! Empty House Tour

Welcome to my Closet | Tour


ALC Floral PJ Dress

Maryam Nassir Zadeh Suede Mules – ON SALE!


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33 thoughts on “My Office Tour | Chriselle Lim

  1. I did . This is my office 🙂, This is the kind of boss I am. Bring your baby to work boos 🙂. I absolutely love your office and claim it in my life. I am on this journey now and so excited for where it is headed ❤️

  2. Its simple and clean, no offense bit 1 yr and a half?…. id normally wip up a layout l8ke this in 2 months…

  3. I like that you really support your teammate especially women after maternity leave. The space that she can corporate her baby and work at the same time is really idealistic. I wish other company could understand and be thoughtful like yours; then we all try our best to work and devote. By the way, your office is awesome.

  4. Ahh chriselle!! You are iconic you make ME want to be apart of your company I mean beauty and brains galore ! So fab, so chic and mom friendly. Definition of a boss babe❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. I wish so badly to work with u at this office and all of it, u inspired me since I saw u on Michelle Phan video and that way I knew u start your channel, those times were amazing for me to watch you tube, I'm always watching your videos , I don't comment that much bcuz my English is not great bcuz I'm from Panama so anyways, I'm graphic designer and I would love to be in fashion magazine or something of that world but u still inspire me to be motivated in those goals . Thanks for doing your channel! Stay chic! 😘

  6. This office is amazing 🙌 There is nothing better than a great and functional working environment 💫

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  8. My dream is to work in the such office with the such people like you and your team! It's truly amaizing!

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