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When you like your work, everyday is a holiday.

Magic Hour collection is now available.
We also have afterpay 🙂

I made a song and ASMR video. I hope you like it!

If you’re looking for the most aesthetic video production, Ms Robot is where it’s at.
🎥 Robotic Visual Production –

✧ Check out hellothematic to find and use fresh music for your content without the worries of takedowns –

Music by

Mr. Chase – Wild Cherry –

ninjoi. – Prayers

Syphax – Rose Lips –

Bevy Maco ( Feat. Summer Soul ) –

ninjoi. – Outro –

ninjoi. – Castle in My Mind –

Madeline Lauer – Silky –

✧ Dumpling light is from

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  1. thank you for thematic! that's where I get my music from and it's copyright-free, and the music is super fine. Thank you so much!

  2. I was following her when I was at Grade 1 and now hereeee I am now G11 following her again and again after her break

  3. I didn't know she created Thematic. To see her create something so helpful for the YT community after all of the BS she went through back in the day, copyright infringement people coming at her left and right trying to capitalize on her success, is super inspiring and telling about her character. So glad you're back, Michelle!

  4. It really is lovely to have you back on YouTube! I spent my teens watching you and it's something special to be watching you again in my 20s x


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