My Passport Ultra | Official Product Overview


Portable storage with brilliant style, the My Passport Ultra drive comes in two metallic finishes. Import photos, videos and files from social media and cloud storage. Learn more:

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The My Passport Ultra drive is portable storage in a design that brilliantly pairs metal and matte finishes to create a sophisticated style. There’s plenty of space to store all the content you love. Social media and cloud storage import, backup, and password protection help keep all your memories safe and secure.

My Passport Ultra | Official Product Overview


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  1. this thing sucks, it got corrupted after it stopped being able to connect to my computer and now all of my files are gone

  2. One of these was sent to me by a customer. Plug into a USB3 port, LED flashes, nothing else, not detected by any PC, not even one which works with Mac formatted drives. No markings on the case even tell you the capacity. Plugged it into a Mac, still nothing apart from the flashing white LED. What a horrible design. Utter fail.

  3. i have wd hard disk first time it worked very well and its video and lecture are playig but second time i used then it was not supporting till now im very trouble . what i doffor that so this hard disk is suppoting . plz tell me ayone

  4. Can this be called a review? This looks like an advert, and aren't reviews made by customers and not the manufacturer itself?

  5. I own two. One is the original 256 gb and its lasted for over ten years. The other I bought is the passport ultra 3 tb drive. None have died or crashed. I don't leave them plugged into the computer all the time. Just to update or back up pictures, documents, video and music.

    I plan to buy the WD Book 10 tb drive so I can watch my video's through the TV.

  6. no matter what DON'T BUY western digital products!!! as soon as your warranty expires, you are basically the company's money bag! if any part of the case breaks you will lose all the data as everything is WD encrypted.

  7. Can't believe WD is sticking with the hideous design. As long as WD drives look like that, I will be buying Seagate drives.

  8. Dont buy my cloud if you dont want to risk loosing data. The main board failed on my drive but the HDD inside worked fine. I tried wd support they want me to send them the whole drive with my data in it that I cant access because they encrypted it. They wouldn't send me a new board or accept me sending the bad one for repair. They told me I'm out of luck. So my 4tb worth of data and memories is gone. Thanks WD!


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