Net TV IPTV Review | 800+ Channels, PPV, VOD, Adult Sections | 1 Day Free Trial!


This is my review of Net TV which is a paid IPTV service. With Net TV you get 800+ HD channels from the US and Canada, with a few from the UK. In addition, you get a great VOD section for movies and TV shows, and also an adult section, all in HD. And with a great EPG, it’s very easy to navigate, has quad view to view 4 channels at once, great for watching sports!There are lots of live sports channels which cover all games for NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA. It’s compatible with most devices and more coming soon. They also offer a 1 day trial to see if it’s right for you, as well as, 24/7 live support. More information can be found on their website here including pricing:

Net TV Official Website:

Net TV Channel Listing:

Net TV Pricing:

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  2. Do you pay extra for live sports.. like MLB package or NBA package or NFL so I can watch any game on Sunday nfl football NOT pay extra

  3. Did my free trial and will be signing up
    They have a dvr capability in the works. I inquired when I saw the record button.

  4. I've had this service since this video came out, but today I went to their website and it's not available? Usually there is live chat and now, nothing… Any ideas whats going on? I received an email saying the service ID changed, but that is all…

  5. Best bang for your buck. I'm in a rural area with download speeds of 10 mbps (I've never hit 10mbps. Lucky to get 5mbps) this app rarely freezes in live tv and zero issues watching a movie or series. And usually have 2 firesticks and 2 phones connected to the wifi. Best iptv in my opinion. Thanks Kevin

  6. I am in the USA. I have Net-tv. I use a VPN and it's during the Corona Virus shutdown. I am experiencing buffering bigtime with this IPTV service. I don't know if this a legal iptv and don't want to be throttled by my ISP.

  7. Hi Kevin
    I just signed up for a month after my trial expired and now the tv guide doesn't work. Do you know if this happens often? I can't find a Facebook page to ask others. Thanks.

    Great videos 👍

  8. Hi Kevin. I downloaded the free trial of NET TV and none of the live channels work. They partially load and go black. And the movies will play for a few minutes and kick me out to the firestick home page. After reading many good reviews of it I don't understand why. I'm no dummy with firesticks. My internet speed is more than enough as well as my VPN. I turned the VPN off and same thing. I messaged their website but go no response. If you read this soon, please Help! My subscription runs out in a few hours.

  9. I loaded the 1 day free trial net-tv.stores is this the same? Anyway, I can't get it off the mouse. I can't go to next screen…the mouse is bound by the top, bottom and both sides of the screen…I did view weather channel and some other news channel but if the paid version uses same navigation it will not work…also takes forwver to load the networks, the tv guide etc…i have fast internet and am using ethernet connection…any infk would be apprwciated

  10. Is there an app or IPTV service that can sync across devices? In other words, start watching on one device and continue on another?

  11. Hi Kevin, do you recommend this over a good IPTV? If no what is the best paid IPTV you recommend? Is it necessary to have a VPN when you’re using Net TV or IPTV on a Samsung TV or Apple TV?

  12. Does this provider have a reseller program? I thought you reviewed another company that ran Net-TV interface. I look foward to your response. Thanks.

  13. Kevin I was telling an older neighbor about Net TV. She has a brand new LED 4K TV with a USB port and several HDMI ports. She said it was a smart TV but I have not seen the manual. She has WiFi at 30MBS. She does not have a computer; only a cheap phone and cheap tablet. Will she need a Roku or a FireStick? Do you prefer the Firestick? She does use Android devices and has a gmail account. She is definitely NOT tech savvy. Also have you tried YouTubes TV service. Thanks!

  14. Hi i ment to ask you that i went in to this site to sign up for lenox net tv. but were do you find the link to install the app for it. could not find it on there sight.

  15. I have the lenox player with Expidite for twenty dollars a month. but that one is so messed up most of the time. But i guess you get for what you pay for.

  16. Their 1 day free trial is really 1 day. I work 2 nd shift. I started my trial at 1130 pm and it ended at midnight.

  17. Kevin
    I checked out the iptv and it was pretty good but it did not have the recording tab on it so I hope I got the right site.

  18. I wish they had Atlantic time zone locals like CBC Halifax or CTV Halifax .. But I don't see them in the channel list ..

  19. I had rebel streams for almost 5 months hardly any buffering and over 3200 channels I believe they have a facebook group and they gave me a free 24 trial just a fyi

  20. Just got a quick question if you know, are there a glitch happening right now cause when I try to log on it says my subscription has expired but it hasnt not until the 14th, can log on using the comp. but not the firestick, thanks if you know anything about this

  21. hey can you show me or tell me how to view 4 channels at the same time like 4 pip?? u said it in this video but i just joined nd cant seem to figure it out?? thanks

  22. hello kevin and all has anyone had problems with oreo tv ???? it stop working for me about 2 days ago blahhhh.????

  23. Since SET TV went down many say IPTV services are not legal can u clear that up to the best of your ability if that's possible?


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