Newegg TV: Western Digital My Net AC Wireless Router + Bridge Overview



Here’s a wireless router and bridge made by Western Digital, Model: WDBMRD0000NBL-HESN and WDBWNJ0000NBL-HESN. Check out the video for more info!

Western Digital WDBWNJ0000NBL-HESN My Net AC 1300 with FasTrack technology, up to 450 + 1300 Mbps Wi-Fi

Western Digital WDBMRD0000NBL-HESN My Net AC Bridge, 4-Port Gigabit WiFi Media Speeds, Easy Setup AC Wireless Bridge

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  1. I've tried a few of WD's network products. They're pretty awesome, actually. Just as good as old Linksys (not new Ciscosys).

  2. Does this bridge work as the equivalent of connecting say my ps3 by an ethernet cable to the router? and by equivalent i mean at the same internet speeds as with the ethernet cable….

  3. u ever watched an unboxing or reviews from a channel called "motherbardsorg" and wondering what's happened and where elric's (the host/hispanic guy) gone??? Watch this vid: u ever watched an unboxing or reviews from a channel called "motherbardsorg" and wondering what's happened and where elric's (the host/hispanic guy) gone??? Watch this vid: watch?v=6plxKL4PqlE

  4. It is not a matter whether or not your xbox is compatible with your router. By default the port for xbox live services is blocked on all routers. That being said, opening ports can be a pain in the balls and, in my opinion, is the most finicky part of most anything computer related.

    TIP: Make sure you set a Static IP for your Xbox and you can put DMZ on that specific IP. That way all ports are open and you should be okay. 🙂

  5. I don't know anything about networking, so please be kind. I've tried to set up my network to allow my Xbox 360 to access the Live network. Everytime I do, it tells me the my NAT is strict and prevents me from using certain aspects. I've tried to set it up using tutorials online, but nothing seems to work. My question is will this router be compatible with my xbox, or rather, will the xbox work with this AC-network? Thanks.

  6. well Gigabit ports and 1300M/bit (5 Ghz) Wi-Fi but it really going to depend on the computer interface IE if your using USB 2.0 only has 480M/bit through put so to get 100% youll need USB 3.0 or a card


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