Northgard – Stagjoose – Part 1 Let's Play Northgard Gameplay


Northgard is a city building management game which plays fast as lightning, and aims for the neck. Check out Northgard!

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  1. What happened to the mouse pointer? and it literally drove me crazy that you didn't notice the big 'UPGRADE' button on your longhouse and all the other buildings that had been there for over half the video while you were complaining and it would have helped.

  2. "Alittle extra wood definitely helps with the population growth"….im having difficulty determining if this was a sex joke or not. Either way….I like it. Keep it ocming.

  3. So is this like Warcraft 3 frozen throne where you start with a town hall and you mine your resources and the other players are doing the same things then you fight and kill their bases and that’s game over? If so I really need this game

  4. Been on a binge waiting for this to come out on my console. And you’re video had me cracking up the whole time. Love it

  5. Arbitrary comment which doesn't mean anything.

    In all seriousness, I have bought more games after seeing well done Let's Plays than anything else. Marketing money would better be spent on this than ads.

  6. Wait one second, isn't this new land (northgard?) Canada? The Vikings made a colony in Newfoundland (i think) called Vinland

  7. I know I'm late to the party, but enjoy watching your gameplay videos , especially firstly playthroughs. I purchased this game after watching you enjoy it. Thanks for yours hours of investment to put out your content. Imo, not enough channels providing good voice commentary. Much love from New Brunswick, Canada.


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