I had such a fun, relaxing weekend. On Sunday I decided to completely redo my office, and I filmed the whole process. (Almost 4 hours of work!) I hope you enjoy this laid-back vlog, my friends!

Happy writing!

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  1. I had a dream last night that I found your books in a store and started crying…. And then I became a man and someone tried to kill me with a nail gun… And then I went camping with Jensen Ackles…. Yup.

  2. It looks great Natalia! I haven't put as much thought into my background, but definitely should consider it more. Also YAY GILMORE GIRLS! Is this your first time watching it?

  3. I loved seeing all of this! The final outcome looked great and that was so creative to take off the back of the chair! And Gilmore Girls is a nice way to chillax during the evenings 🙂

  4. Yes yes yes and did I mention yes I love this new background. Please please please keep the videos coming! ❤

  5. Love hearing your whole thought process. I think that's one of the reasons why I like your vlogs and I'm not a fan of other people's.

  6. Loving your new background. Shame about your lights, they are so pretty but they do highlight your bookcase. Enjoy your new layout. Yays for Gilmore Girls 😀

  7. I really love the new background – especially the little table/desk and the bookshelf! Like you said, it looks a lot more dynamic!

  8. I love bookshelf backgrounds, I would love for you to do a mini bookshelf tour now though because I am so nosey when it comes to other peoples bookshelves 😂🙈

  9. Alej here and girl!! 24? Your the same as me! Twenty-somethings for the win! Your office looks amazing my dear. May it continue to inspire you in your writing endeavors!

  10. I'm super jealous that you have an office. My office currently doubles as my bedroom, so no new office for me 🙁 I really love your new background! I hope it goes well for you!

  11. Now you make me want to reorganize my office, which is also our extra bedroom. So that limits my options. Also if you haven't figured it out yet, usually if you break a bulb in a string of lights like that, then all you have to do is replace it and it should be good to go.

  12. I just LOVE these videos! I'm in this process myself. SO inspirational! Lol. So pleased you uploaded this now when I actually needed this in my life! Love your videos! <3


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