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In this instalment of our Step Into My Office series, MR PORTER heads to “The Content Tower” at 1 World Trade Center, headquarters of Condé Nast, to meet editor-in-chief of food bible Bon Appétit, Mr Adam Rapoport. Along the way, he shows us how to make the perfect scrambled eggs, explains why golf is his “fidget spinner” and tells us why good ideas always get made.

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  1. He is a pussy ass cunt who can't take criticism, blocked me for calling him out on being unlikeable for videos (which he is)

  2. I feel like a benefit of working at the Ba test kitchen is that you have an excuse to be pissed because you haven’t had breakfast or coffee because you technically can do it in the test kitchen

  3. 1. Murray’s Pomade stinks and it’s petrolatum based so it’s not water soluble (clogs pores, leads to hair loss). To wash it out completely you need dish soap. Ugh, and it builds up on your pillowcase over time bc it doesn’t completely wash out with normal shampoo. There’s really no excuse to use that stuff. My hair is thicker/more unruly than his and I’ve found many modern water based products that work. 2. Mink oil has all kinds synthetics that ruin leather. Obenauf’s beeswax is where it’s at.

  4. He's a chief editor, don't expect him to be doing everything everyone under him is doing his main job is to supervise all the other editors.

  5. Excellent video format and this man has an amazing job (he's who most editors, print or otherwise, aspire to be) 😊👍

  6. Before you say he's the bad guy boss, I heard he was the one that came up with the idea of Gourmet Makes. Claire thought it was silly at first.

  7. Now this is where I want Rapo to be! Doing what he does best! Which is not cooking but running BA so we can thoroughly enjoy Brad, Molly, Claire, Andy, Chris, Rick, Gaby, Alex, Carla, and the rest of the gang!

  8. can someone tell me exactly what is the book that has "wes anderson" written on the side? I can't find that exact one online.

  9. This guy's entire job is just doing nothing and obnoxiously voicing opinions all day on things other people do for him

  10. i can just sense molly hardcore eye rolling somewhere in the background

    edit: shieeettttttt my gaydar was wayyy off 😂😂


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