Talking About Your Home – How to Describe Your Home in English – Spoken English Lesson


Where do you live? What’s your home like? What about your neighbourhood? Talking about your home is a common conversation topic in English, so it’s good to have some things to say. Improve your spoken English with a certified English teacher:

By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to talk naturally and clearly in English about your home and where you live.

See the full free lesson (with text) here:

1. Introducing where you live 0:21
2. Describing the inside of your home 3:10
3. Saying what you like or dislike about your home 4:33
4. Saying who you live with 6:47
5. Talking about your neighbourhood 7:25
6. Review and practice 8:40

You can learn:

– English vocabulary to talk about different types of home.
– How to say what you like or dislike about your home.
– How to make your speaking more natural and interesting by adding details.
– How to make longer answers when talking about your home in English.

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A big thank you to the Alphabet translation team from Syria for the Arabic captions!


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  1. Hi Oli, I wish I could have found you here before. .Your lessons are amazing. .I loooved it! Thank you for the wonderful work.

  2. Hi I live in an apartment on the fourth floor. it is not high- rise building it is apartment building. it has a four bedroom apartment. the bedroom are large with a living room it does not dining area, a kitchen and also a big balcony where we can sit outside in the summer. I like my apartment because it is spacious and light but it is very noisy because there is a restaurant just downstairs. I live with my parents. our apartment is in a very lively area there are some small shops and places to go and one park we can go if the  weather is nice. it is a good place for families and they are  sometimes choose it.thanks

  3. I live in a three bedrooms appartement . The bedrooms are quite small and large but there's a big living with a dining table . A modern kitchen and also a small balcony where de can sit outside in the summer.

  4. I live in an apartment on the sixth floor of a high-rise building. It has three bedrooms, a living room, a small kitchen and a big balcony. It's convenient for my office and my daughter's school. It's a little bit noisy, buy lively, because there is a wet market nearby. I really like it, I can buy lots of things in the market.

  5. Nihao guys! I am an ESL teacher and I just want you to know how lucky and grateful I am to find this golden website!

  6. I live in a flat ,it just has 2 bedrooms ,a dinning-room and modern kitchen. My flat near the high street so it’s very noisy .but I really like my flat because it’s very warm and spacious . There are lots of restaurants and shops in the high street , my area to close the supermarket.i live with my husband and 2 Children , my children make a noisy all the time so the neighbour doesn’t happy with us .

  7. I live in a detached house in a small village. My house has two bedrooms, a living room with big windows, a hallway and a kitchen with a dining table. We have space yard, kaleyard where my mom grows fruits and vegetables and two garden with many beautiful flowers and fruit trees in it. My home is spacious and light but it can get very drafty in the winter and not convenient for me because located far away from school and shops. I live with my parents. I live in a quiet neighbourhood. It's a nice area, close to nature, fresh air and even a small pond nearby but it's a big boring. There are really anything to do.

  8. Hi. I am from Bogota. My city is a capital from Colombia. it is a bigger city by the country. Bogota have more than 10 million of people. I liked to live there, becouse all my family live there and we costumed to have meetings in weekends and we was a really nice time together, but Bogota can be a stressfull place to live , by the traffic is a really issue, is caotic becouse Bogota don't have a subway.

  9. I live in an apartment on the first storey of a seven-floor apartment building. It’s got 3 bedrooms with big windows, 2 bathrooms which one of them is big and the other one is small, a kitchen with a balcony, a living room with 3 sofas, a dining area, and a quite big balcony too. I often sit outside in the balcony reading and thinking while getting fresh air. The apartment is light because it has 2 balconies and windows everywhere. it is cool, cosy, and convenient for our needs, but it sometimes gets drafty in the winter as it has not got central heating. I live with my parents and sister. I live in a private residential district away from the city center. It is a bit quiet, but there is a small mall with 2 cafes and 1 restaurant inside it. It should be the first choice for families and old people, but in fact not many young people choose to live here.
    Could you correct this please?

  10. I live in a quite small flat in a tower block . It has just two bed rooms , a living room and a mordern kitchen . Especially , the most thing i love is that the flat has a bacolny outside by the living room , so i could relax and sometimes read books . And in addition , it's always cosy even in the winter because the sunsight directs a little bit to it . But as you might know i've said , it's quite crampled when i have guests . Moreover , i live with my parent and we are immediate family that only include my dad, mom, elder sister . Anyway, She's been married so i'm already alone . No one argues with me and shares my tastes . Our home is placed in the suburb far away from the city centre for about ten kilometres and i think it's quite convenient 🤔. Netherless, i hate traffic jams in the morning on my way to school . Anyway , i'll still live here in the future; at least for the next 5 years .

  11. i live with my parents in the housing, but our building is a detached house because there's not building next to the right of our house. we have three bedrooms, a living room, a fair kitchen, and two dining tables. it's convenient for us because our house near from my school adn my father's office. the sun directly light our house so the plants in our garden grow with very well. our house is near from the city centre. there a lot of office, school, and store so easy for me to my necessity.

  12. I live in by myself in a apartment building . My house is rather spacious .It's including a large living room , kitchen room with a big dining table , bathroom with shower and bath , one bedroom and balcony when i can sit outside to see the scene in the evening , and a big office and it's convenient for my work .It's quite cool in the winter . But i can get a bit stuffy when the summer come to . I live in a very lively area in middle of city center so it's rather noisy . There are lots of cafes , shops , bars and so on . It's good place for young people to find to get a job .
    Can you check grammer help me 😅 !

  13. I live in a small, three-storey house in the suburb. My home has two bedrooms those are quite small but there's a big living room with a dinning area, a kitchen with many convenient furniture and also a balcony where we can sit outside in the summer. My house is spacious enough and cozy all the time, be a detached house so it's really light. Personally, i live with my parents, sometimes my sister gets back on special occasions once or twice a year. Our house is near the city center, in a quiet neighborhood, there isn't much to do but some small shops, restaurants and a park to enjoy peaceful space if the weather's nice.

  14. "I live with my parents in a two-storey and terrace house in the suburbs, terrace houses are most common in my country, there are many rooms in my house, like a large living room, a kitchen with a big dining table, bathrooms with shower and bath, two bedrooms, one for me and one for my parents with balcony where we can sit outside in the evening. My house is spacious and convenient for everything, however it is too dark and can get stuffy in dry season. I live in an animated area just south of the city center. There is a great big deal of aminities, like coffee shops, malls, fitness center, movie theater. Therefore my neighborhood is always busy." Thanks for your corrections

  15. Thank you so much sir.
    but i want to practice english with native speakers.
    But i can't find any one.
    Could you help me please?

  16. I live in a medium, two-stoery house in the suburbs with my family. It has a small balcony where we can have meal outside and a garden where I can grow some flowers and vegetables. It’s a bit dark in a daytime, because it’s located next to a big house which is covered almost the natural light. Our house is far from the city center so it’s not suit for people who like a lively area. But there’re still few shops, café or even a park where we go if the weather is nice.

  17. I love this channel…
    This is the best way to study english free.The lessons are very practicals and the pronunciation is easily understandable.Don't stop the show, you are the best guys!!!!!!!!! very grateful for the lessons

  18. I like ur way of teaching sirr
    Bczz u r using the vocub which oftenly used by the speaker 21 days lockdown in my country India 🇮🇳 bczz of Corona
    ….n I m watching ur class n it is very helpful for me
    Thnkuu for ur hardwork and sharing ur idea …

  19. I live in a rent house. it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms ,a living room and a small kitchen. its light and convenient for go to campus, but its stuffy especially in summer. i live with one flatmates which is my friend in campus. our house is far from city centre but near to get food or else. my neighbour are quite which is good for me to get study.there isnt much to do, but there are lot of mart.
    Correct me if im wrong ,please

  20. I live in 5 storey building on the first floor I live in a medium spacious apartment of tow bedroom apartment and tow bathroom one big kitchen and a small dining room with a glass table the most thing I like it in the apartment is the dining room

  21. I'm a student so I live by myself in a studio apartment. It just has one main room with a tiny kitchen. I know some people think that it's inconvenient but for me it's ok because I don't have to share my room for somebody else. It's warm in winter but it can get a bit stuffy in summer. But my neighbors are quite that makes me feel happy because I will not be interrupted by anyone else when I learn or do my work. Besides that, I live in the city center, very close to everything. It's lively with lot of restaurants, malls and markets. I think it's a good place for young people like me to live, but not many families choose to live here.

  22. I live in a small village, it 's nice and peaceful, it is best place to look at the sunrise on the sunset, my house has three quite small bedrooms, a large living room, a kitchen and a big garden, I don't have get own room so it is not convenient when we have some guest, it is very noise but my house is light and spacious, especially it is cold in summer , also a small balcony where we can sit on the stone bench to reading book or relaxing in the summer, I live with my parents and my older brother, older sister and my house is outside the city, there is not any shops, cafe in there

  23. My hometown is in Madhubani zila, Bihar. My town is quite simple like other northern village and I love to going in summer vacations. My hometown native language is maithili and its similar to bhojpuri and 5000 people lived there and all different religious people lived there.

  24. when i studied at university i live in a flat that six story,one large room that is bed room and dining room , a library for study and kitchen for cooking is shared with three rooms,my flat is very convenient near my university and have amazing view cz its located at mountain ,i lived with my friends,but after i graduated i live in terrraced house with two bed rooms and kitchen with living room and the beautiful garden in a summer,,have balcony but in the winter is cold and in the summer is hot for this reason we cant take benefit from it, my come convenient near my work but it can get stuffy in a summer and noisy because is located on the street,i live with my sweet and best family around a world,its only things that make me optimistic and make me go on at any bad situation, i pray God bless them for me,
    thank yo so much i can take more benefit form it.


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