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  1. Mr Ken weather the man who call himself obofoa, as you said he is wise .he is not , just use panel justices qualified pastor . GOD will come to deal with him and panish him .

  2. Ghanaians 🇬🇭 are just uneducated and stupid fools to allow a whitemans religion to take over their lives that have allowed so called pastors to make millions .Honestly ken Agyepong should leave these pastors alone ,the ghanaian is just too dumb and fucking stupid brainwashed by religion and these guys are just taking advantage of the ghana man stupidity i dont see anythingnwrong with what these pastors are doing

  3. I was expecting the Host to ask him why he almost beat up the guy at the radio station, if the host is only going to listen then Net2 there’s no need for him to be there, it’s really annoying!! Also Ken’s Mic is too highly we can hear the high levels…

  4. How can a person who deals in cocaine In Italy become poor in USA without arrest … I feel something fishery here .. I don't trust you ken .

  5. Life should not be about working hard. How about working smart? Let's pray for wisdom, not strength.

    People need to develop skills to achieve their goals. We don't say change your brain as an advise.

    We say change your mind. So we should develop different mindsets to switch and employ ideas to flow when duty calls. This is how big and important things are built.

    Influenced with right information is key. They need that which will help them to excel and prosper.

    Thank you reading my opinion.

  6. Kennedy all what you are saying doesn’t sound like NDC we all know NPPz are the violent criminals the blood shedding party how many people died before you people came on power ….

  7. Honorable Kennedy Agyapong you are a blessing for Ghana. Those who don't support Honorable Kennedy Agyapong are bland, evil, wicked and satan. Ken you are a hero wisdom people in Ghana will support you. We're for Ken We're for truth group will support you till the end.

  8. With 4 days 350k views eeii this is , even some musicians are not getting such views within a month. Honorable Ken we love you

  9. Hello. Net2 tv I’m Nana a Ghanaian living in Germany and work with a man who knows everything bout Pastor love. They grow up together in a village called nyinahini. His big sister and mother are all fetish priest. He’s fake

  10. I have tried calling bfr Lady called de pastor on radio saying she can't SLP n de pastor said there's a goat inside her room so he wil pray fr her as de prayer continue I heard on de radio goat cry later de goat vanished I said to myself let me try calling too ..I did ..I called n he answered as soon as I spoke de pastor told me am too young to call at this time of the night they are too fake guys be ware n wake up

  11. Just crazy for u people, play to God to bless u, wat ever u are saying is true , I have gone to them and have my own experience,let those who don't believe u go and hit the wall, they will come back and bring u stone

  12. Hon. Ken and Team stay bless you’re doing a wonderful job,May God bless you and reward you Thank you.
    Since the lockdown especially on church’s is a good idea because we don’t hear of missing people, pregnant women, girls missing,please look into it and close those fake church’s because we love mother Ghana & we don’t want any citizens to get lost


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