The Ultimate 4K Monitor for Content Creation? Is a 32'' Monitor too Big? | BenQ EW3270U Review!


How on earth did I say it wrong at the end when reading it from my phone…Idiot!

Funnily enough I upgraded my graphics card to a 1070 Ti shortly after filming this! (You might be able to spot it in some shots at the end)

A big thanks goes to BenQ who saw my desk setup video and saw that my old screen was a little small, they sent me this new monitor, but didn’t ask me to say anything specifically, but they did send it to me, so take that as you will.

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  1. Byte Review Hi, Could you please advise me which 31.5” 4K monitor (viewing area ~40cm x 7 cm) will work well with G-Sync (Gigabyte 2080 TI)?

  2. Glad to see a UK review of this monitor (that's if you are from the UK), I'm looking at buying this from Currys/PC World as I too do content creation, mainly for 3D design and animation etc. I've got a short desk and this monitor is good compared to a 42 inch TV that I was going to get

  3. Hey man great review! I'm planning to buy this monitor and this will be an upgrade for me from 1080p so can you clear a few of my doubts?

    Q1) Can I use this monitor with a GTX 1050ti. I know sounds dumb but I don't primarily plan to use it for gaming. It's mainly for graphic designing and some video editing. So since Photoshop and Premiere mainly rely on CPU and not GPU, will I face any problems running it on my GTX 1050ti?

    Q2) I don't plan to game a lot but I may use it sometimes for gaming. So I was wondering if I can set the resolution of games to 1080p and fullscreen because my gpu can handle 1080p. Can you try this setting on a few games on your monitor and let me know if the games look normal or is there some kind of blur due to downscaling or 1080p on 32 inch screen…if there's any issue do let me know if it looks decent or just unplayable.
    That would be it. I would really really appreciate it if you could answer my questions. Thank you 🙂

  4. I prefer 27" 4k over 32", image and text looks crispier on 27", most importantly I have two 27" side by side(45° for secondary one) without hurting my neck, also leaves me enough space to add a 3rd one. I also have a 34" 1440p curved ultrawide for my PC setup, but I wouldn't use it for content creation.

  5. Why every monitor review has a lot of talk and some games on screen? What about multitasking… Like how many web browsers can be open in one screen, tiled or vertically…

  6. Hello, I had decided to buy this monitor for graphic design (for print), but someone told me that this monitor is not for graphic designers. I know that there are more qualified monitors for designers, but I have to pay much more for them. This monitor is suitable for my budget. The question is, if I buy this monitor as a graphic designer, would it be a bad choice for me? On the other hand, I use 2009 imac right now, does this monitor provide me a remarkable difference from it. I am satisfied with imac's display, but it is so old/slow and small (27inch). I want to buy and to use this monitor with my macbook for better experience. What is your suggestion for me? Should I buy this monitor? By the way it is almost impossible for me to see this monitor in any tech store. If I decide to buy it, I will order it from internet.That is why your experiences about this monitor are so important for me.

  7. Hey man, two questions: How is multitasking on a 32inch 4k monitor? Can you easily work with 3 windows side by side? And also, what desk do you have? Table top looks sweet


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