Top 12 Tips & Tricks For New Players In Northgard, Things I Wish I Knew Sooner!


Here are my Northgard Top 12 Tips I Wish I knew sooner, I hope you enjoy this quick guide.

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  1. bro.. why is my northgard can't be able to save the progress..? everytime i try to save it.. it ends up doing nothing.. and no any saved file..

  2. Finally picked up this game and after playing for a few hours, this video was astoundingly helpful, especially the worker overlay, I really underestimated this game, I thought it'd be basic and easy but it requires a significant amount of planning

  3. Love your energy and presention my dude! Subscribed! Just got Northgard on the Switch and loving it so far, but I can improve with these tips. So thanks

  4. Totally new to this game..kinda confusing mechanics but ur vid helped..a question..apart from the starting bonus and a few quirly traits ..what exactly in the difference between them?
    All clans have the same units right?

  5. I know I'm a bit late, but can anyone tell me how to befriend a giant? The game says trade with them and befriend, but I don't know how 😅
    with the market place?

  6. Thank you so much bro, I see it's free to play for 3 days so ima give it a try and see if I decided to purchase the full game but it's looking promising and worth my time so I probably will get it

  7. Thanks for the tips! I completely sunk into this game – I love it! But have still much to learn and figure out… after 35 hours game time. Conquest mode is really hard but I enjoy the challenge.
    My tip would be – pay attention to resources. I always try not to have anything in minus. It helps me with the micro management.

  8. Only sometimes does it explain negative happiness, and sometimes it does not which bothers me as i do not know what the problem is.

  9. Hi, video poster can delete but I dont know how else I can help him.
    Im a supportive girlfriend who just wants to see her boyfriend get some views. Please give him a watch if hes streaming. Thank you so much 💕

  10. Extremely well done guide. I'd recommend shortening the introduction a bit, but the rest of this video is fantastic. You deserve more subs my dude.

  11. afaik the villagers don't collect food more effectively when there's a silo on the pile. It was removed after being used for some rush tactics online I think. But good video and good game!

  12. Solid video. Had this game in early access a couple years ago for like 5 bucks, after browsing the shop I saw it at 30, and remembered I had it in my library. So many changes ! You go straight to the point, really informative. Wish there were ways to arrange hotkeys in this game, I don't like clicking everywhere lol (especially when multitasking)

  13. Good beginner tips 🙂 But there is some more:

    – build your defend tower as far enemy border as possible (enemy units need time to catch it, time when they are under attack)
    – btw. you can update them too!
    – scout on winter if possible – your production is lower that time, but scout doesn't care
    – look close at fog on borderer area – you can get some interesting information before scouting (for example presents of wolf or deer)


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