Transforming my BEDROOM into my OFFICE!!

Công Nghệ

Day 7/30


First off I want to apologize for my uploads. I’ve been having problems with my video editing software so I had to find a workaround quick so I can keep putting out videos for you guys! I am SUPER excited with this video, my favorite vlog to date just because I feel so accomplished with it. Watch my journey in transforming my bedroom into a full-fledged video/photo editing office. I believe a proper work space greatly affects your productivity so this is a huge step for me. Not the fanciest but definitely functional enough for my needs! Enjoy my super extra tea making intro lmao I love tea with a passion 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Transforming my BEDROOM into my OFFICE!!

  1. This video is satisfying to watch! Also, I don't like tea, but you made it look yummy so I'm gonna grab one. Hahaha! And I think that you are cute. Btw, watching from the Philippines, hi! 🙂

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