WD My Passport 4TB USB Festplatte Case opening öffnen keine SATA Schnittstelle


im Video zeige ich was sich hinter der WD my Passport 2.5″ USB Festplatte aus 4/2017 verbirgt. Es stellt sich heraus, dass auch diese WD blue Festplatte einen USB Controller statt dem sonst üblichen SATA Controller enthält. Alle kompakten externen Festplatten außer den alten Elements sind wohl mittlerweile mit speziellen Controllerboards zweckgebunden ausgestattet. Ein Einbau in ein Notebook usw. demnach so nicht mehr möglich.

The new WD My Passport Harddrive has like the passport ultra drives a native USB Controller on the HDD. Therefore You are not able to use the harddisk in a notebook or desktop pc as normal SATA drive unit. In this video I explain those things and demonstrate the audience the case opening for that particular WD drives. Also beware, that the my passport drives has build in hardware encryption features. If You crash the drive, the chances are very small, that a specialized restore center is able the recover data from those drives.

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  1. I was gonna buy this but thanks to you now I know it doesn't come with sata
    thanks man…. you've been a great help 🙂

  2. This is the ONLY hard drive I have ever had fail and I can't recover anything because of their propriety bullshit. Sending them some hate mail. Light comes on but nothing is recognized.

  3. It really suck that WD doesn't make any 4TB sata drive. I don't know whether I'll trust Seagate. I've never ever had a 2,5" WD fail. But for some reason I've only found 2TB drives. Even the slim 7mm variant – I don't need such a slim drive. 15 mm would be fine. But no WD doesn't offer that. It sucks :/
    But hey thank you for saving me 950 DKK just to be disappointed !

  4. How about everyone rip into wd over this propriety usb to what ever adapter and get local consumers laws on them. Data recovery people would be pissed off at western

  5. ahhhh AHHHHHH
    i bought one of these some time ago, and now it wont read on my computer, but still powers on
    I bought a SATA connection thinking I could use that to get my data back, but LO AND BEHOLD I open it andsee this. I wish I found this video when buying this harddrive some time ago, fucking hell.
    Reccomendations for alternatives to WD, friend? Because I can't stand that this happened.

  6. even though you didn't speak English, you pretty much answered everyone question, especially regarding the drive connection interface

  7. Hello , thanks for this video … i have a question … wd 3 tb hdd model number is (WDBBKD0030BWT) … do you think this 3 tb and your 4 tb have same chipset ? because i open my 3 tb wd and i see that it is looking almost same … my 3 tb have some problem but still working and i think it is about chipset .. i want to buy a 4 gb (because chipset looking almost same) and change chipset , copy my files and after try to repair my 3 gb wd …. thanks for help …

  8. Well…that's the secret why this external drive size is nearly identical with typical 2.5" HDD. Usually, external drives are bit longer than 2.5" size.

    And oh yes…external HDD made from my country…but sadly WD planned to shut down another HDD factory in my country…

  9. The main issue with this is that port is only held onto the board. Nothing else supports it. Regular connect disconnect of the USB port (this IS a portable drive after all), will mean the port breaks the pcb where it's soldered on.
    Then you're fucked. You can't access your data because there's no sata and power ports. Get a different external drive and Google Search the name of the drive AND add inside and look at images and videos. Example 'western digital my passport inside'

  10. I BOUGHT IT TODAY :)))))



  11. This Video answered a Question I had about the Drives. Messed up that we cant use them for Internal Drives anymore >:( .

  12. https://www.ebay.com/b/Internal-Hard-Disk-Drives-2-5-in-SATA-Form-Factor-4TB-Storage-Capacity/56083/bn_71171231

    The above link shows that the WD 2.5 HDD's are much higher in price than the Seagate models. The WD 2.5 SATA is getting more rare by the moment. Buy one now if you can, as I do not recommend Seagate whatsoever. A second hand shop might have some as well.

  13. Thanks for the information! I'm going to buy it soon. But after I watch this video, I won't buy it 😍😭😎😂

  14. Hi. Please help me. Would the inside of the 4tera look like that of the 2T? Somebody broke mine and returned only the internal and it looks weird i have nothing to compare it to, even the sticker is missing.

  15. I bought that WD HDD 8 months ago. It doesn't work now and it says I/O failure. Can I recover my info taking out the disc from case?

  16. hard disk

  17. Are external drives even worth it? Warranty is usually less and you don't know what type of drive your getting inside. Its cheaper in most cases to buy a SATA drive on its own and add a cheap external case from Amazon then you know what drive your getting.

  18. technically u can still use it internally is u connect it to internal usb header on the mobo.. but that's not what people usually want.

  19. what i don't get is why don't they put both sata and usb ports on it? it's like extra 50cent of production cost, while greatly increases value. What gives?

  20. I bought that HHD. There are 4 rubber pads on the bottom of the HDD. If I put HDD on the smooth surface (table), one of the 4 rubber pads doesn't contact with table and HDD is little bit stagger. Do you have that problem?

  21. I have this same model of wd my passport. Whenever i move or shake the drive it seems like the internal drive is loose and moving. Is it a manufacturing fault? Should I replace it or it's normal?

  22. Thanks for the information, I was just about to buy a couple of these before I watched this video. This sucks because I can't find any place that sell just the bare WD 4TB 2.5" drives. So my only option is now Seagate 🙁

  23. I was so close to buying this so I could remove from case and use as a laptop drive, thank you for saving me from that mistake!

  24. thank god I got curious and checked for myself. TUrns out there was no SATA interface anymore. I was going to use the drive as an external enclosure when the drive fails in the next few years. I guess I'm gonna go back to buying another seagate slim drive.

  25. thankyou. You save me. Most external harddrive fails because of usb board. In this case, no sata means no recovery if usb board fails..

  26. Wanted to buy this hdd because of 3year warranty, but now I see that this junk will be unrepairable if controller will fail, will go with seagate backup plus with 2 year warranty, but at least in videos in youtube it's shown that you can easily remove sata2usb controller and use it as regular inner hdd

  27. I was just curious to see what was inside one of these. What a funny looking hard drive. Seems like a great product though. 3 year warranty on an affordable and very compact 4TB external hard drive? Yes please! ^_^


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