WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Review Under 2 minutes


Same quality same voice haha I think not much of an improvement but I’m still going hahah!

► The store where I bought mine :
► Amazon :


Website :
Twitch :
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Instagram : @finalsushi

Nguồn: https://breadnb.com

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  1. Hey there I am planning to get the my passport 4tb one..not the ultra but the normal ones, may ik if it can be used with the newest mac version

  2. Hi, is this new edition is compatible with windows 7,I am planning to buy 1tb, that's enough for me, please comment on this Quora

  3. This is quality content! I'm suprised you don't have more subscribers. If I were you, I'd project my voice a little more, and have less space in between sentences.

  4. So it does come with USB type C interface
    Thank you, those idiots can't put a fuckin image showing the interface it seems

    From what I understand lower than 4TB comes with type C


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