WD My Passport Ultra for MAC Review- 2019


Review of the 2018/2019 WD My Passport for MAC 2TB.

The portable hard drive comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable, directly connect the My Passport to your MAC via USB-C connection.

My MacBook Pro storage is nearly out of room from my YouTube projects.

I wanted a portable Hard Drive with a USB-C connection, keeping in mind the price had to be within my budget.

I found Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2TB 2018/2019 version.

WD portable HDD link:-

I’m now looking at building my own portable storage with an SSD instead of a hdd.

I hope you liked my 2nd YouTube video. Please send me your comments on how I can improve my vlogs.

Video taken with: iPhone XS MAX
Holding my phone: Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimble
Edited with: MacBook Pro
Software: Final Cut Pro

Nguồn: https://breadnb.com

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  1. I have to ask a stupid question because I cannot believe this is happening to me right now. Why did I plug it in and nothing appeared on my desktop? Why when I open up disk utility does it show above my hard drive and appears to only have 500 gigs when it supposed to be 2 TB? How do I remove it? Is it screwed up already? The box did not appear to be tampered with and the first thing I see is an apple UDIF read Dash only compressed media that total 16 megs am I supposed to open this before it appears on my desktop? I feel like somebody has snuck shit into my property big time I hate when they do this. You have a system and then they have to fucking change everything make it unreliable cheaper? Can you tell me what’s going on and of course there is no Tech Support anymore because of what’s going on

  2. I searched YouTube for information on the WD My Passport Ultra Mac drive and came across your channel. Consequently, I watched all of your videos and found them to be well done—great editing. Other than the first video introducing your channel, I find your use of music with captioning effective. I hope you get more subscribers. I hope you produce more technical videos.


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